The Magic of the Modern Engagement Ring

silver diamond sapphire jewelry

The changing face of contemporary engagement rings

Does the thought of walking down the aisle wearing chiffon or lace make you want to run screaming in the other direction? Do you prefer the classic lines of an Italian leather sofa to the intricate carvings on a Victorian chaise lounge?

If so, the modern engagement ring may be for you: simple, classic, elegant. And potentially no prongs to be snagged on your finest silk negligee.

With so many wonderful modern styles to choose from, where does a girl begin? Well naturally, it is well worth the time to grab your fiancé and go looking. Even if you won't be purchasing your rings together, he needs to know what you want.

If you know for sure you do NOT want a traditional ring set, you can narrow down the field a bit beforehand to reduce the risk of losing him to the latest sports scores posted on the Web. Take advantage of the Internet at fabulous online jewelers like You can snuggle up with your computer and a cup of chai to get a feel for the styles you like.

Once you've determined styles and even designers, it's time to head out into the real world to get a hands-on feel for the rings, so to speak.

Heavy Metal

What styles might appeal to the streamlined, modern taste? Tired of gold? A beautiful contemporary engagement ring in silver, white gold, or platinum may be just the ticket. Or go for broke and combine metals in two-tone gold and silver colors or in interlocking bands.

Many modern engagement ring sets are available, from contemporary bands with inlaid stones to simple settings such as the bezel-set, where stones are surrounded by metal rather that set up in prongs. But even many modern styles use a prong setting in a new way, creating a setting that stands out, creating a beautiful look that is classic yet contemporary.

Rock 'n Roll

Like the idea of color? Who says a diamond must be white? With the options of yellow, pink, and blue, personal style can be expressed for years to come, although the price range is considerably higher for colored diamonds. If you don't want to spend the money on a colored diamond but like the idea of color, consider the use of complimentary stones set next to the star of the show. The options are endless, from sparkling red rubies to deep-set emeralds.


No one said you have to buy your modern engagement ring from the bridal section of the store, or even from a traditional jeweler. If you're looking for something streamlined that is elegant but does not scream, "I'm engaged!" consider looking through the other jewelry departments. Your may find your ideal ring in a specialist online gift store, or at a jewelry artist's website.

Consider investigating specialty and independent jewelers as well, and don't forget to visit art galleries. A contemporary engagement ring that started life as a piece of art in ring form may suit your fancy just fine.