Interview With Jewelry Artist: Holly Gage

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This is a recent interview we performed on an upcoming artist called Holly Gage. She specializes in silver and precious metal clay jewelry...

What is jewelry for peace and how did it start?

My jewelry brand “Peace Talks” incorporates symbols of peace and thoughts that suppose to answer the question "what happens when peace talks?" There is equality, love, understanding, etc. It is a personal statement. When I started making the jewelry,

I knew it was different because people have different reactions to it. I was on a trip to Washington and someone stopped me and asked me “what is that you are wearing?” She then told me that she was very attracted to it.

I have never made jewelry that attracted people in that strong emotional way, so I decided that I wanted make jewelry that would not only pull people emotionally but that it will also give them a voice to express their feelings of peace.

Do you have anyone that has mentored you or inspired you in your journey as an artist?

I do not know if I would say a mentor, initially my mother who always encouraged me to take art classes, which I did over the summer as I was growing up. After that I would say my husband’s mom, she was an art teacher and she started running theatrical performances to bring to high schools as an opportunity to expose people to the arts.

She started taking me downtown in western Pennsylvania to visit art galleries, area and she was always encouraging. I think we inspired each other to take our art to galleries. We had a strong mutual respect for our work.

She was this kind of person that was there when had to make difficult decisions. In my sophomore year I freaked out thinking “how am I going to make money off of my talent” that is when she suggested that I get a degree in education.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their journey as a jewelry artist?

Take and learn as much as you can, go to museum and galleries, expose yourself to all kinds of art and culture get as much stimulation because you never know what it going to motivate you, read and take as many classes as you can and with as many teachers as you can, because every teacher has different things to offer and they are all different tips.

One thing our community can benefit from is not just technique but also design classes. Discipline based art education that is when you bring an item and look at the meaning. Everything is designed for a reason. As an example, the Hummer was designed after September 11 as a way for people to feel safe and protected.

The peace symbols that originated in the 1960s are indicative of the time when people wanted more peaceful life. There is a connection between art, environment and what we create. I try to hit on this things and I always try to show the art of other people. I try to make connection with cultures when it fits in.

Hope you enjoyed the interview! Talk to you again soon!