Working With High Quality Gemstones to Bring Your Designs to a Higher Level

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How the grading of gemstones is done by any factories or suppliers should give a good idea about the quality of that company. Consistency and accuracy is a difficult thing to achieve with gemstones, but here at YSJ, we are spending a lot of effort to give the most information to our customers.

By specializing in only black/blue sapphires and silver based jewelry, we are able to have a lot more accuracy and reliability.

Our graders are all experts and have many years of experience inspecting every gemstones 1 by 1. The sapphire is classified by color, luster, clarity, intensity and global appearance. Every single stone will usually be classified by at least 3 different people.

A first classification is done at the factory, in Chantaburi, after the gemstones is cut and polished. A second classification is done at our sell office in Bangkok by our grading specialists. Finally, a third classification is then made when a customer orders to make sure the sapphires will be exactly what our customer is expecting.

If you want to order from us, it’s very simple: Chose a grade from below, the shape and the dimensions. You just need to fill up the form or contact us.

Once we receive your request, we will select the sapphire(s) from our stock in the Bangkok office and we will take pictures of them. We will then send you the pictures by email. Never do we retouch the color or the clarity of our sapphires pictures.

After your decision and your payment is made we will ship your order (2-3 days). If you are not satisfied 100% with our product you can always return it and ask for a refund. You can read our terms and conditions for more information.