Tips for Selling Custom Handmade Jewelry

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custom made diamonds silver necklaceEveryone knows that selling production pieces is at the core of every jewelry business. However, there is something to be said about making costume handmade silver jewelry.

Custom handmade jewelry orders can bring you higher income per piece and definitely give you more pleasure. Having said this, it is important that you create some specific guidelines and that you communicate them clearly to your customers.

Policies for Selling Custom Handmade Jewelry

The following are just some things to consider when setting your policies for selling custom handmade jewelry:

• Start by considering your own design identity and how to sustain it.

• Let the costumer know that you will work with them to create a unique piece that will represent them and their style.

• Clarify that you maintain the right to integrate you unique style into the piece (remember, they came to you because they like your work).

I never compromise my style and prefer to turn away orders when the customer wants something that I am not willing to make. I always maintain my artistic integrity. I always tell my costumers than I will not copy someone else’s work or follow their design as I work only with my own original designs

Part of my responsibility as a jewelry artist is to guide the client through the design process. I offer information about the stones and metals that work best to achieve the final custom handmade jewelry. I give them some basic about design elements and principles.

This helps them understand how important it is to make a comfortable item that they can wear with ease. I want my clients to have a custom handmade jewelry that will become an heirloom that they can be proud to give to the next generation.

Tips for Attracting People to Order One of Your Uniquely Designed Pieces

Decide on how you want to work with your clientele. I prefer to meet with my customers and sketch a simple design together. I interview them and get to know them before we start the process. It is important to know about who they are, this are some basic questions I ask:

• What is your everyday life like?

• How do you prefer to dress both on a daily basis and for special occasions?

• Are there any colors you use more often? – Bringing some color swatches

• Do you want this piece to capture a specific memory or moment in time?Start with these questions and you will see that the conversation begins to flow. It is crucial you learn more about your customers. The stronger the relationship you build with them the higher level of satisfaction.

Once you complete some basic sketches and you know you are on the right track, take the time to finish a more professional looking sketch. Learning how to use some of the computerized jewelry design programs is helpful at this stage.

Bring or send a photograph the gemstones to your client. This also helps with solidifying the design agreement. When the customer approves the design and selects the gemstone, then you can begin to price the piece.

Let the client know that your work is hand fabricated, so there will be minor variations. Remind them that handmade jewelry can be identical.